The salary of a sonographer will vary depending on experience, location, education, working conditions, etc. How much does a sonographer make?

Average Sonography Salary: $73,360 a year

The average pay for sonographer is $73,360 per annum, which is 61% higher than the average US income. The monthly pay is $6,113, median weekly wage is $1,411, and hourly pay is about $35.27.

Salary Range

A typical pay for a general ultrasonographer is around $70,000 a year. Sometimes the number will be lower or higher than this number, but they can make at least $51,900 each year, $4,325 a month, $998 a week, and $24.95 an hour.


salary range

Top 5 Paying States

A registered medical sonographer in California can earn $91,220 per year, making them part of the highest paid ultrasonographers in USA.

StateHourly RateWeekly PayMonthly IncomeAnnual Income

Top 5 Industries

Education Industry is the best industry for registered ultrasonographer, they earn around $81,900 yearly.

Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools$39.38$1,575$6,825$81,900
Outpatient Care Centers$38.21$1,528$6,622$79,470
Management of Companies and Enterprises$37.76$1,510$6,545$78,540
Specialty Hospitals$37.74$1,509$6,541$78,490
Employment Services$37.37$1,494$6,475$77,710

Metropolitan areas

San Jose and Santa Clara are two highest paying metropolitan areas for sonography professionals. You can earn $114,720 a year, $9,560 per month, $2,206 per week and $55.15 per hour.

San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA Metro Area$114,720$9,560$2,206$55.16
San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles CA$110,480$9,207$2,125$53.12
Vallejo-Fairfield CA$109,800$9,150$2,112$52.79
Vineland-Millville-Bridgeton NJ$104,500$8,708$2,010$50.24
Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue WA$102,450$8,538$1,970$49.25
Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro OR-WA
Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis WI$89,020$7,418$1,712$42.80
Brockton-Bridgewater-Easton MA NECTA Division$87,420$7,285$1,681$42.03
Denver-Aurora-Broomfield CO$86,330$7,194$1,660$41.50
Boston-Cambridge-Quincy MA-NH$85,500$7,125$1,644$41.11

Nonmetropolitan areas

Northern Mountains of CA is non-metropolitan, but sonography specialist here could make $48.34 each hour, $1,933 per week, $8,378 per month and $100,540 each year – 37% higher compared to the median income of Americans.

AreaYearly IncomeMonthly WageWeekly PayHourly Rate
Northern Mountains Region of California$100,540$8,378$1,933$48.34
Southern Vermont$97,430$8,119$1,873$46.85
West Central Wisconsin$85,880$7,156$1,651$41.29
Southwest Maine$83,290$6,941$1,602$40.04
Southwestern Montana$82,580$6,882$1,588$39.70
East Central Pennsylvania$80,390$6,699$1,546$38.65
Northwest Minnesota$79,540$6,628$1,529$38.24
Capital/Northern New York$76,770$6,398$1,476$36.91
Western Montana$76,320$6,360$1,468$36.69
Southeast Minnesota$73,880$6,156$1,420$35.52